As per 829 of the THSC, many Animal Care and Control personnel are required to have a minimum of 30 CE hours every three years. TAACO is dedicated to provide that training as regularly and affordable as possible. TAACO provides professional training courses for all ACOs, ACTs and Peace Officers. All TAACO courses are DSHS, TACA and TCLOSE approved for continuing education. TAACO’s DSHS BASIC course is also available remotely.

It’s as simple as choosing the course you wish to host or sponsor and call the Academy (979/542-5010) for available dates. Classes range for 1 to 4 days in length. (EXAMPLE: ACO Level 1-3: 4 days-28 hours, DSHS Basic ACO Course: 2 days-16 hours, Certified Euthanasia Technician: 2 days-12 Hrs, Animal Cruelty Investigations: 2 days-12 hours and Officer Safety and Survival/Bite Stick & Pepper Spray Certification 1 day-8 hours). Our remote class week is generally the second and fourth week of each month, but arrangements may be made for other dates. Many times it’s much more economical for us to come to you. Combination courses are available upon request and we want you to get BEST and the most for your training for the dollar spent. Check the COURSES PAGE in this website for descriptions and dates. Call us for information and/or to schedule a remote class today.

All courses are DSHS & TACA approved for CE CREDIT


If the class has less than 12 students, arrangements may be made for the class to still make. For groups over 20 some discounts may apply.

New CE Course Descriptions

ADVANCED ACO (16 HRS), ADMINISTRATIVE ACO (16 HRS) & SUPERVISOR (8 HRS) Courses are now available! Check dates for these under our schedule.

TAACO’s Animal Cruelty Investigations course is second to none and is our number 1 chosen remote course. It not only covers all the general, civil and criminal law aspects and animal condition scoring. It also teaches a great amount of LARGE and small animal anatomy and health and nutrition. We promise you will not be disappointed in the full 12 hour course. It truly trains you to make a prosecutable animal seizure and cruelty case. (Equine/Bovine familiarization also included)

For any agency, department, or organization interested, TAACO would be happy to provide “contract” regular scheduled interval training for you. For example; TAACO would come to your department at a regularly scheduled time, every other month or once a quarter. What ever is needed to cover all your required BASIC ACO, EUTHANASIA and IN-SERVICE training needs? This would be very cost effective for you and allow you to meet all your THSC 829 training requirements. Your department would pay a reduced rate for training and NOT have to pay any per diem, travel or lodging cost. In addition, if you were to invite other area departments to attend the classes, you could retain their tuition fee. This would offset your departmental training cost. Since all TAACO course are already DSHS/TACA approved, you would have to deal with that hassle either. You would receive all our varied courses. We could also teach any in-house training you may need. TAACO now has 9 approved in –service courses. This would economically, conveniently adequately cover all your training needs. Please give us a call, or we would be happy to come and meet with you to discuss your desires and needs.

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